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CREST: Crowning Point, highest Achievement, Family sign or motif.

KIN: "Kith & Kin" - familiar friends, neighbours, persons of common ancestry.

LOCH: Scottish for "Lake" or "arm of the sea".


An outdoor heritage of enduring value


High up, soaring above the village of Kinloch, rises an outdoor heritage of inspiring beauty - christened LochEagles.

The Scots cannily refer to such places as eyres - commanding nests for kith and kin, crowning the crystal loch waters below.

Unlike the Scots, the "locals" are cautiously disclosing this magnificent secret to trusted new-comers.

The Crest of Kinloch can now be yours if you are determined to settle for nothing less than the very best.


LochEagles represents the coming of age of Kinloch. The commanding site is well known to locals as the crest of Kinloch aspirations.

While many have wanted to stake claim on these magnificent vistas over the years, it has taken until now for the right development to arise that can guarantee the unrivalled quality of our environment.

Generous to the community and to the environment, LochEagles has been lauded by many as an opportunity unrivalled in location, quality and potential.


For many, LochEagles is a serene escape form the bustle and grime of the city. For others blessed with lifestyle or businesses which allow them the ability to choose, LochEagles will be a beautiful and majestic home.

Whatever your future, Kinloch and LochEagles offer you a unique stage on which to build further adventures. Sporting options abound, with golf, fishing, water sports, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and two ski fields on our doorstep. Hunting and tramping are on offer in the unspoilt and rugged Kaimanawa ranges, 40 minutes drive to the east and snow sports are only 75 minutes to the south.